Smart interior designers have perfected the art of vignette design for client homes with many building on the use of the folding screen.

Every major painter in post-Modern history has used a folding screen as a format.  Scanning the pages of Architectural Digest or Veranda, you find some of the most striking vignettes centered by a beautiful folding screen. From designers Tom Britt to Lorenzo Castillo, Veranda’s story, The Versatile Accessory Every Room Needs, will definitely inspire you.


EClan Design, Stylish Folding Screens

Veranda magazine explores 15 stylish ways to use folding screens in “The Versatile Accessory Every Room Needs.” Photo of Frank Babb Randolph Georgetown Town House. Source: Veranda

How To Use Folding Screens In Vignette Designing

Walking into a carefully curated home, one element helps define this look and feel. It is the well-composed vignette.

To achieve this look, create groupings in your home by contemplating color, light, odd pairing of items, vary height and textures and finally choose an interesting anchor piece.  In the examples below, the folding screen is used to anchor the vignette.

EClan Design, Flowering Screen

Styling & Folding Screen by EClan Design. (Photo by Mike Rutherford)



EClan Design, Golf VIsta

Styling & folding screen by EClan Design. (Photo by Mike Rutherford)


Versatile Vignette Design

When collecting an heirloom piece like a folding screen or room divider, you’ll be able to change the vignettes in your room seasonally.  All EClan Design folding screens have two-sided art custom to the clients’ specifications.


EClan Design, Moon Through Cloud

“Moon Through Shade” folding screen by EClan Design (Photo by Mike Rutherford)


EClan Design, Flowering Screen

“Flowering” is the reverse side of “Moon Through Shade.” Screen by EClan Design


Folding screens are also portable helping you use your home décor in more versatile ways from changing vignettes as you acquire new collectibles or can be used to enhance a setting.


Styling & folding screen by EClan Design. (Photo by Mike Rutherford)


Vignette Design Essential In Open Floor Plans

Finally, vignette design is essential to today’s open floor plans. Foldable, functional art is one beautiful solution for open spaces highlighted recently in Nashville Interiors magazine profile on EClan Design here, “Screen Time: Foldable, Functional Art Is A Beautiful Solution For Open Spaces.” 


EClan Design Master Artist/Designer Will Rhodarmer was recently profile in Nashville Interiors magazine “Screen Time: Foldable, Functional Art Is A Beautiful Solution For Open Spaces.” (Vintage Ode To Nashville Screen. Photo by Geinger Hill, Forest Home Media)


Zoning principles for open floor plans helps divide space into vignettes. The folding screen helps achieve this through being versatile, mobile and adjustable.  The folding screen requires no installation, and you can move it to any setting or vignette to satisfy your current décor needs or help create a new view.


EClan Design, Porch Vinette

“Sunset Through Mist” screen by EClan Design. (Photo by Mike Rutherford)


Get Started Today On A Custom Folding Screen

Let’s get started today on your custom, heirloom folding screen. With over two-decades of artistic experience, EClan Design is Nashville artisan Will Rhodarmer’s new solution driven, home décor. Click on the website gallery for design inspiration and check out the video below to understand the process. Contact Will directly at 615-299-7771 to discuss designer incentives and any current discounts.