Open floor plans are all the rage in large and small homes in urban and suburban settings and all face the same challenge of creatively designing spaces with endless opportunities.  Here’re some of our top open floor plan design solutions which include some clever uses of the folding screen.


Divide Space

 Take a large open space and create smaller spaces to help manage the open floor plan. Consider you and your loved ones needs and then determine what areas are a priority from a small reading area or office to dining area and family gathering spaces.  Then try to bring balance to each area as you create the smaller seating area or vignette.



Open Floor Plan Design Solutions, EClan Design

When dividing the space, you can use smart vignette design and include a folding screen to help bring definition.  Here’s a more on smart vignette designing.


Creating Smaller, Cozy Areas

Once you’ve determined areas of need, it is fun to take the corners of the room to create their own special vignette. Carve out a special area to display your hobbies.

In this large open space below, a vignette for musical hobbies was created using the folding screen as the anchor element. Perhaps golf is your passion, look for inspiration below.


EClan Design, Flowering Screen


Golf Vista, Folding Screen, EClan Design


Create Areas For Conversation

In a large office area or in your home, it is fun to create a spot of long, heartfelt conversations.  Matching chairs anchored by a screen creates balance and interest while drawing the eye as well as attracting people to sit and engage.


Golden View Screen


Create Zen, Smaller Spaces

Being able to carve a relaxing spot within more open spaces is important for finding a little peace at the end of the day.  Try adding small furniture items or a peaceful folding screen to the perfect soaking tub to de-stress at the end of the day.



Collecting versatile, movable art pieces can add so much character to any home and be another solution to dividing the larger space into manageable small space design detailed in this recent EClan blog. 


Custom Designed Solutions For Versatile Spaces

Solution driven home décor drives the passion of Master Artist Will Rhodarmer who collaborates with interior designers and clients to create the perfect, heirloom addition to any home or office.

Will Rhodarmer, EClan Design LLC


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