Inspiration from his hometown of Nashville has inspired EClan Design Master Artist/Designer Will Rhodarmer’s latest room screen, a vintage ode to Nashville.


Nashville Skyline Inspires Room Décor


Nashville skyline sketch, EClan DesignJPG

EClan Design Master Artist/Designer Will Rhodarmer’s initial sketch of Nashville’s skyline for his three-panel room screen.


As a kid, I used to collect old postcards of different city skylines and our Nashville skyline has changed so much in the last years Will explains.


“Taking that concept and washing with a vintage patina helps capture a time, emotion and a trajectory that will never be forgotten. The greetings from Nashville also reflects the influx of energy driving that change and at the core, hospitality woven into our tapestry.”


Here’s more on the Nashville vintage postcard screen:



Impactful, Art Home Décor

The screen is six-feet in height, on a light-weight, portable material with a beautiful panorama of Nashville. It reflects a photo taken around 2010, after Greer Stadium was built but before Ascend Amphitheater, capturing a period of time prior to the incredible “It City” growth.


Nashville Skyline Screen, Will Rhodarmer, EClan Design


The piece is also versatile and can be used as a room vignette, dividing an open space or floor plan or to create a pretty view if needed for an obstructed window view.

Nashville Skyline Screen, Will Rhodarmer, EClan Design

EClan Design Master Artist/Designer Will Rhodarmer was photographed recently for an upcoming profile in Nashville Interiors magazine which will include the Vintage Ode To Nashville room screen.

“A piece created in our scale, in this case around 6 feet high, brings you into the art or vignette when experiencing it. It is an intriguing and conversation sparking background for any setting,” Will said. “I’ve been here on and off, all my life. My granddaughter at the age of three looked at the skyline and said this is my city. I want everyone to feel that affection whether visitor, long-time resident or a new Nashvillian.”


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