Room color palette, size of the piece and a tree motif were the three elements designer Becky Grinwald, of Becky Rose Design, shared with EClan Design Master Artist Will Rhodarmer in this latest designer custom collaboration. Becky and her clients’ vision resulted in a stunning deconstructed screen serving as master bedroom focal point for a beautiful Nashville area home.  Here’s how this heirloom work was created.


Deconstructed Screen Art 

EClan Design has built a reputation for creating versatile home décor from folding screens and room dividers to wall art.  In this unique case, the three-panel format was desired but instead the end goal was to mount it on a wall and it was inspired by some great examples.


EClan Rendering, Becky Rose Design

Throughout the process of working with interior designer Becky Rose, renderings were created to ensure client expectations were met….and exceeded!


History of Versatile Screens

From House Beautiful’s 2019 cover to the centuries old use of screens, this home décor element has been seen in multiple settings throughout the history of design.


House Beautiful, March 2019

Source: House Beautiful, March 2019


In a recent story on EClan Design by Nashville Interiors magazine, publisher/writer Hollie Deese makes the point, “Folding screens originated in China around the fourth century B.C., maybe earlier, and often depicted idyllic scenes beautifully wrought by craftspeople and artists. EClan Designs master artist and designer Will Rhodarmer is honoring that history with the one-of-a-kind folding screens he creates for his company – beautiful, functional and created by hand.”


From oil and acrylics and Sumi-e drawing to creating vintage Nashville motifs, artist Will Rhodarmer, EClan Design creates versatile art and home decor.

After being established during the Han Dynasty, the folding screen gained popularity throughout Asia and Europe.  Today, this versatile piece is used to bring definition to a room vignette, divide a space and perhaps obstruct a window’s view creating a pretty backdrop, seen in urban settings or with homes in close proximity.

EClan Design, Porch Vignette

The two-sided folding screen is versatile art from providing privacy to helping bring definition to rooms in an open floor plan.

Original Art, Versatile Uses 

With the vision of designer Becky Rose, the EClan Design three-panel work is now a beautiful focal piece.  Easily hung on a wall, this piece could also be hinged and created with two original sides. Be sure and follow Becky on Instagram here to see her beautiful work in progress.


Interior Designer Collaboration, EClan Design, Three-Panel Art

Choosing a deconstructed, screen format, interior designer Becky Rose collaborated with EClan Design created a art focal point for her client’s master bedroom.


Optionally, as people invest in original art, the two-sided folding screen brings versatility to the piece allowing it to be used in a variety of settings and turned from side to side to update a room vignette.

EClan Design, Two-Sided, Folding Screen

The EClan Design folding screen can be used separately as three panels, wall-mounted or created two-sided for versatile home decor.


Custom Designed Solutions For Versatile Spaces

Solution driven home décor drives the passion of Master Artist Will Rhodarmer who collaborates with interior designers and clients to create the perfect, heirloom addition to any home or office.


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