With origins in 4th  Century BC China, the history and appeal of the folding screen is undeniable and being kept fresh and modern by EClan Design Master Artist/Designer Will Rhodarmer, whose work will be seen center stage at the September Nashville Home Show and woven into the design of the year’s top home event, the House Beautiful Nashville show house in October.

Four Panel, Faux Grasscloth, Screen, EClan Design

A work in progress, EClan Design Master Artist/Designer Will Rhodarmer is creating this beautiful four-panel screen for the main stage collaboration with ReFresh Home at the Nashville Home Show.

Creating Modern Day Home Décor 

With a nod to its Asian origins, Will is a diverse painter whose proficiency in sumi-e painting is essential to creating a spectrum of screens and art for clients and interior designers.

“Building on my fine arts studies, it has been important to me as an artist to be able to create in a broad spectrum of materials from oil and acrylics to print-making and sumi-e drawing. My time spent learning the discipline of sumi-e has been a important element in creating original work on diverse mediums,” Will explains.

This three-panel screen, Koi Pond In Fog, shares some mid-century Japanese inspired techniques with a contemporary use of materials.

Collaborating with ReFresh Home for the main stage décor of the Nashville Home Show, EClan Design is hosting a giveaway including an original, ink on canvas, sumi-e painting along with a signature ReFresh Home candle and two tickets to the Nashville Home Show, set for September 6-8.  Head to EClan’s Instagram here and register to win by August 16 and be sure and check out the amazing work of designer Kara Blalock and ReFresh Home.


Nashville Home Show Panel

The longest running Nashville home event returns to Music City on September 6 through 8 at the Music City Center.  In addition to creating main stage décor in partnership with ReFresh Home, EClan Design is hosting a panel on Keys to Great Small Design with interior designer Becky Grinwald, Becky Rose Design, and ReFresh Home’s Kara Blalock.  It will be Friday, at 3 p.m.  Tickets are available with an additional on-line discount using “LAURIE” in honor of the event headliner, Laurie Smith, TLC’s Trading Spaces Designer.


House Beautiful Nashville Event

Although we can’t share a lot of details yet, we are thrilled to be collaborating with the talented team of Modern Remain designers on the fall House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House powered by LG and being built by top Nashville builder, Castle Homes.  With designers from across the U.S. participating, be sure and check out Modern Remains work in the breakfast room and upstairs Media Room and landing, where you’ll see a little EClan Design folding screen magic!  The home will be featured in the magazine’s November issue. Tickets now on sale here at Castle Homes with tour proceeds benefiting the Nashville Symphony.

House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House, Castle Homes

You Are The Inspiration!

Collaborating with designers and clients is the lifeblood of EClan Design.  Driven to create custom design home décor from art to folding screens for versatile spaces, contact EClan Design today to begin the creative process at 615-299-7771 or this contact form below.  Cheers!