Collaboration is key to creating the perfect folding screen, room divider or decorative piece for home or office. You lead the design process determining the style of screen needed, size, color palette, technique and creative options you desire. EClan Design Master Artist/Designer Will Rhodarmer gives a quick description on how he collaborates with clients in this video.


With such a broad range of techniques and elements available for creating a custom screen, EClan Design works carefully with clients making specific recommendations and presenting draft versions for final approval. Clients are kept informed of cost options and of shipping and handling charges.

The price of each custom folding screen and wall art will depend upon the time to complete the work, the intricacy of the design, the size, and the kinds of elements and fittings each client selects for the finished product. Prices vary from $550 for a small one-foot square framed pen and ink Sumi-e drawing on paper to a minimum of $4000 for a two-sided, four-panel folding floor screen with a multi-layered painted surface and more costly fittings and materials. The Available Inventory page includes pricing information on the pictured products.

Sunset Through Mist Custom Screen


Screens include folding floor screens and room dividers, tabletop screens to conceal televisions or other utilitarian distractions, fireplace screens for decorative use in non-winter months, and folding wall screens for use as head boards. Screens can also add color, depth and decorative interest to a room when used in corners to create a pretty vignette. And, a creative use of screens includes a sofa screen, offering definition to an open floor plan, and decorative pet screens.

Custom Screens by Will Rhodarmer
EClan Design Custom Screens

The design of our functional works of art will be customized to the special needs and visions of each client. The sizes of each screen and individual panels will vary according to the space available for display. Room divider folding floor screens will be two-sided works of art.

These one-of-a-kind products may be made from a variety of products: fine paper, wood, canvas, composite materials, and/or metal. The styles of the designs can be contemporary, traditional, historical, classical, or minimalist, including abstract, impressionistic, landscape, or realist imagery.

Many techniques and disciplines can be used to produce your custom art piece as well as many hardware options like hinges and clever castor wheels.

The possibilities are endless so click here to get started with Will today on your custom piece.