There are many reasons to use a fireplace screen in the winter from safety to keeping smoke out, but, when the season changes, it is time to find a creative solution to your dark, dusty fireplace opening with a decorative fireplace screen.


Decorative Fireplace Screen Ideas 

Either a roaring wood fire or cozy gas logs are a wonderful winter addition to a gray day.  However, spring, summer and fall, it is so much fun to take these big, dark openings and add a beautiful flourish like a decorative fireplace screen. The custom piece below for a Georgetown home in Washington, D.C. was a collaboration with the homeowner who likes color and more color – a feast for the eyes!  Inspired by the work of Kandinsky, this three-panel screen hits the mark and brings an artful addition to this pretty fireplace vignette.


Decorative Fireplace Screen, Washington, DC Home, EClan Design 

“This homeowner had a very strong direction for the design of the fireplace screen,” said EClan Design’s Master Artist Will Rhodarmer.  “It was very helpful to create several draft design ideas. This is part of my process until the concept is final and I know my client will be happy.”


Here’s more on the EClan Design collaborative process.



There are numerous stand options for a fireplace screen including creating an easel stand, like below, where a piece can be easily used as an off-season fireplace cover or mounted on the wall during winter as art.


Decorative Fireplace Screen, Easel, EClan Design 


Ideas For Winter Use Of Decorative Screen

You’ve enjoyed your two-sided decorative fireplace screen for three seasons of the year, but what are your options for winter when you need to move and exchange your screen for a fire safety alternative?


Conceal Your Air Return

Air returns are necessary because who wants to live in a world without central heating and air. Many people paint the air return to blend into the wall décor but why not take this to next level and design around the necessary eye sore by creating your own clever vignette.


Decorative Fireplace Screen, Air Return Cover, EClan Design.jpg


Again, when collaborating with EClan’s artist, you create the custom, two-sided piece that is versatile as a decorative fireplace screen, air return cover or wall art.  It’s limitless so let your imagination help you get started on your original home décor piece today.


Design Gallery Inspiration – Affordable Options

The smaller fireplace screen can be a more affordable option for your budget. Beginning at around $500, the fireplace screen is created for clients as a one-of-a-kind, two-sided art piece, customized to use and style resulting in a perfectly curated piece for a house, apartment or condominium. Inquire today for designer incentives.


With over two-decades of artistic experience, EClan Design is a new venture for long-time Nashville artisan Will Rhodarmer in creating home décor solutions.  Click on the website gallery for design inspiration today and contact Will to discuss the collaborative process at 615-299-7771.