Screen Time: Foldable, Functional Art is a Beautiful Solution for Open Spaces

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Screen Time This article is a reprint of: Blog photos by Geinger Hill, Forest Home Media All credit is given to Nashville Interiors & Hollie Deese, original story from 1/9/2019 When you think of folding screens, you might envision a plain, three- or four-panel divider stuck in a corner to offer some modicum of privacy for changing clothes. And while those surely exist, folding screens

Nashville Arts Magazine Artist Profile – Will Rhodarmer

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Red Sleeves in the Zone This article is a reprint of: All credit is given to Nashville Arts & Marshall L. Fallwell, Jr. original post from 11/2012 Ode by Marshall L. Fallwell, Jr. Will Rhodarmer and I sit in half darkness drinking coffee with a strong undertaste of molasses. We are in a funky, sixties-looking, private coffee bar by the railroad tracks on