Master Artist / Designer

A Nashville native with a Fine Arts Degree (BFA) from Middle Tennessee State University, Will has extensive professional training and experience as a fine artist and gifted craftsman. His additional studies and expertise includes a spectrum from oil and acrylics to Sumi-e drawing, print-making and other unique painting techniques. His work is found throughout the eastern United States from the District of Columbia throughout the South.

This varied craft skill and extensive experience in painterly styles has helped Will develop a unique approach for the one-of-a-kind screens. Key to this, Will is an accomplished craftsman for wood finishes, plaster, paper, and fabric.

Weekends, you might find Will creating music at local venues around Nashville as an accomplished musician for Jumptime.

Or, the culinary trained chef might simply be creating a master-piece dessert for a friend or pancake master piece for his granddaughter!

Read more on Will’s creative background in this Nashville Arts magazine profile here and contact EClan Design today here to begin the creative process.

With an interesting tapestry of experience, Master Artist/Designer Will Rhodarmer has a Renaissance man’s approach in creatively producing beautiful, custom, heirloom quality room dividers, folding screens, fireplace covers, pet and room partitions for clients through an important collaborative process.

“It is limitless the solutions our folding screen art provides from smaller space living in condos and apartments to open floor plan homes needing definition or a special touch for a vignette,” Will says.

“My goal in working with clients is to produce an art piece which brings joy and enhances a living space or business. Creating art is what I love and helping a client actualize their vision for an art piece they will live with is really exciting. This is a driving passion for me,” Will explains. Click here for more on the collaborative process.