EClan Design LLC is a Nashville-based design firm that offers its unique, one of a kind products to customers who believe that hand-painted, custom made designs will best fulfill their decorating vision. There are no multi-step intermediaries. We are a small, custom business that produces uniquely designed quality products for the beauty of the home or office.

The proposed costs and time for design, production, and completion of the final product will be established by the design team when consultations are concluded. A deposit of fifty percent of the cost of the unique product is required before the project begins. The final payment is required after the client approves the finished product. The costs of shipping and handling will be quoted separately. If a client rejects the final product after giving final approval, only fifty percent of the price will be refunded when the client returns the product undamaged to EClan Design.

Please consider the unique custom services that EClan Design offers to enhance your home or office. Begin by reviewing our Gallery page of products produced for customers and our Available Inventory page for products available for current purchase. More information on the techniques and approaches used to produce a uniquely designed product are set out on the Design Parameters page.

Initial contact with EClan Design can be made by completing the information on the form on the Contact Us page and e-mailing it to us. This allows you to request a meeting with our Master Artist and Designer Will Rhodarmer. Information on his extensive training and experience in art and design and on his associates is provided on the Design Team page.